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FERMIC Industrial Co., Ltd.  we supply full sets of service for ODM/OEM manufacture. With our professional experience, we can make scheme、research、design and production for single or series of products for our customers.
  • Our products as following:


*Face wash series:

1.Olive Deep Cleansing Oil

2.Gentle Cleansing Emulsion

3.Deep Cleansing Moisturizing Exfoliation

4.Face Cleansing Liquid

*Lotion series:

1.Collagen Lotion

2.Rose Moisture Lotion

*Essence series:

1.Q10 Serum

2.Hyaluronic acid Serum

3.L-Ascorbic Acid Serum

4.Ceramide Serum

5.Alpha Lipoic Acid Serum

6.Astaxanthin Serum

7.Silk Protein Serum

8.Liposome Serum 

*Emulsion series:

1.Whitening Emulsion

2.DNA Repairing Emulsion

3.Intense Vitalizing Emulsion

4. Vitamin C body Emulsion

*Face cream series:

1.Multiple Care Cream

2.Advanced Whitening Cream 

*Eye care series:

1. Q10 Eye Contour Cream

2.Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel

*Color make up series:

1.UV Make up Base Mousse

2.Moisture Color Base

3.Translucent Loose Powder

4.Fundation Compact

*Face Gel Moisturizer:

1. Aloe Moisturizing Gel Mask

2. Red Wine Brightening Gel Mask

*Face mask series:

1.Silk Protein Moisturizing Face Mask

2.Pearl Facial Whitening Fave Mask

3.Q10 Brightening Face Mask

4. Royal Jelly Face Mask

5.LYCD Anti-aging Moisturizing Facial Mask


*Vitamin C Collagen face mask series:


2.Red wine

3.Tea tree

4.Green tea


6. lavender

7. Fendofine