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GTA002 《GT》Tea Tree Face Cleansing Cream 100ml 600  
GTA003 《GT》Amino Acid Facial Cleanser 150ml 600  
GTA001 《GT》Olive Polyphenol Deep Cleansing Oil 150ml 800  
GTA004 《GT》Amino Acid Cleansing Cream 100ml 900  
GTG001 《GT》Deep Cleansing moisturizing Scrub 100ml 500  
GTA019-4 Hand Sanitizer Supplement Bottle (Tea Tree Oil) 1000ml 450  
GTA019-9 Hand Sanitizer Supplement Bottle (lavender) 1000ml 450  
GTB002 《LANUS》Rose moisturizing Toner 200ml 1400  
GTB001 《LANUS》Collagen Revitalizing Toner 200ml 1400  
LAB002 《LANUS》Multiple Moisturizing Toner 200ml 1400  
LAC010 《LANUS》Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate 50ml 900  
GTC014 《GT》Gold Foil Serum 30ml 1500  
GTC003-1 《GT》Vitamin C Serum 15ml 1200  
GTC018 《GT》Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Serum 30ml 1400  
LAC005 《LANUS》Peptide Firming Concentrate 50ml 1500  
LAC023 《LANUS》Ceramide Repairing Concentrate 50ml 1500  
LAC006 《LANUS》 Coenzyme Q10 Concentrate 50ml 1500  
LAC019 《LANUS》Snail Secretion Concentrate 50ml 1500  
GTC020 《GT》Apple Stem Cell Concentrate 30ml 1400  
GTC004 《GT》Collagen Serum 50ml 1500  
GTC011 《GT》Ceramide Serum 30ml 1300  
GTC017 《GT》Copper Peptide Serum 30ml 1400  
GTC024 《GT》Whitening Pearl Capsules 50pcs 2200  
GTCO15 《GT》EGF Capsules 50pcs 1950  
GTE002 《GT》Pearl Whitening Lotion 125ml 1400  
GTE003 《GT》Live Yeast Spray Emulsion 1300  
GTF004 《GT》Stay - C Fresh Cream 50ml 1500  
LAF001 《LANUS》Revitalizing Concentrate Cream 1500  
TF024 《GT》Q10膠原蛋白護膚霜100ml 500  
LAF002 《LANUS》EGF Revitalizing Cream 2000  
GTF006 《GT》Q10 Anti-Aging Eye Cream 1900  
LAF008 Centella Asiatica Cream 50ml 1500  
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