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Fermic Industrial Co., Ltd. No. 339, Xinpi, Taibao City, Chiayi County 612, Taiwan 05-371-8155 05-371-8195 fermic@livemail.tw Nationwide
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https://www.fermic.com.tw/en/images/corpimg.png https://www.fermic.com.tw/en/images/corpimg.png Fermic Industrial Co., Ltd.
https://www.fermic.com.tw/en/ Fermic Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Fermic Industrial Co., Ltd.

About Fermic Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • Fermic Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2000 and has passed the international quality standard "ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics". We are a professional cosmetics and skin care product manufacturing plant.


Services: OEM/ODM,cosmetics,skin care,personal care

No. 339, Xinpi, Taibao City, Chiayi County 612, Taiwan

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express, In Person, Deliver to CVS
Payment:Cash, Wired Transfer, Payment on Delivery, T/T
Service Zone:Nationwide